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Detroit : third coast studio 

"When a circuit is open, it is invisible. Only when it is closed does it impact the overall shape of the system. Once reopened it vanishes again, but its impact is incorporated into the dynamic of the energy field, and the moment is factored into the system memory. The cell feigns a less important role... It is difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend the scale of a structure of this magnitude. Therefore, the challenge is to develop the cells—each extra-small by comparison to the overall structure—without an imageable relationship to the whole.”

—MarkWamble, Interloop Architecture

The Third Coast Studio was an interdisciplinary design studio led by professors Marc Swackhamer, Blaine Brownell, and Karen Lutsky at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in the fall of 2019. The premise of the studio focused on the development of an invasive species research site set on the international waterfront along the Detroit River on Belle Isle.  Each group investigated multi-scalar methods of engaging natural systems and developed novel approaches to materiality and material life of a chosen invasive species. 

Student work was generated by 3rd year M.Arch and 2nd + 3rd year MLA students in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities College of Design.

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